Hardshock Festival 2017 2CD

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The sun is shining, you're in the mood to party 'til you drop and you're cruising in your car on the way to the best Hardcore festival in the world. Doesn't that sound perfect?! There's just one thing missing - HARDCORE! Not just any Hardcore though, the Hardshock Festival 2017 double CD mixed by Igneon System (CD01) and Sjammienators (CD02)! Pre-order now and make sure you’ll be the first to have it! 

CD1 (Igneon System)
Mindustries - Death Rattle
Tymon - Dead Evil
Igneon System & Krtm - Jack No.7
Dither - Hammer Jammer
Ophidian fT. Tapage - Creating the Future
Rude Awakening - r_AW Skillz
Sei2ure - Vibrator
The Outside Agency & Deathmachine - Todayís Tomorrow
Micromakine & Hallucinator - Process
Lucy Furr - Desolation
Switch Technique - Nekorgasm
The DJ Producer - Take over the World
Ruffneck - I Am Death (Red - 1 Corinthians 15:26)
Art of Fighters - Your Poison
Promo - Salvation part 2
D-Passion - Shock the Hardcore (Hardshock Festival 2017 Anthem)
Igneon System & Edub - Ruckus Power
Igneon System - Blast
Penta - Bassdrop
DJIPE - Emotionless on request
The Satan - MEAT
Deathmachine - The Future
Igneon System & Xaturate - Get Crunk
Angerfist - Mess With the Wrong Man
N-Vitral & Igneon System - Jump the F@®* up (Innominate Remix)
Hellfish - Hong Kong fight club
CD2 (Sjammienators)
Catscan & Reprobate - Breaking Bones
Sawtooth Vs Mr. Cuda - Its WAR
Sjammienators & Tharoza - Into the Darkness
eDUB - Call to Jesus (Remix)
System Overload & Cardan - Moshpit (Sjammienators Remix)
Digital Violence & Lady Bex - Suicide Squad
Hardbouncer - Grey Towers
Miss Enemy - Pull the plug
Partyraiser & F. Noize - We Pep you up
The Demon Dwarf - I Wanna Hear You Scream
Vandal!sm & Eddy hardcore - 4 the Haterz
Sjammienators & System Overload - SIN
Hardbouncer - Skream  
The Unfamous - Rock ëN Core (The Beatkrusher Refix 2017)
NSD - Dope Aside
Sjammienators & Noize Destructor - Drifter
Hungry Beats - First Order
Chrono & De Man Int Zwart - Power
Dark Connection - Suck On My Dick
Frenchfaces - Pac-man
Kurwastyle Project - Snow in Summer
Death Shock & Spitnoise - Pop that Pussy
Tripped - Motherf%cking Ninja
Hatred - Artillery
Noisekick & Sjammienators - Zolang het maar stampt
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